“My whole life has been based on experimentation in a global sense: not photographic but existential”.

Fabio Donato considers himself to be a “reporter of culture”, a privileged witness of the changes of our times, approaching photography and art as a way to understand society and its social and existential connections. 

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His artistic career which began in the 1960s, a period of great cultural and social excitement, gains his first experience from his journey to India – where photography becomes an instrument of self-exploration and cultural blending – and from his artistic work with the Living Theatre in Naples which will be inspiring for him to develop new art and multimedia languages. His work, built up along fifty years of activity, can be analyzed from two peculiar viewpoints: the “wayfarer among the arts” inquiring into the evolution of artistic languages through meetings and conversations with the leading figures of the avantgarde movements from the 1970s to the present and his research for a personal visual poetics through which he looks into the existential dimension of contemporary man and his relationship with the other, collected in the work cycle: time/movement/threshold.

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