time movement threshold

“The eye doesn’t see things
but shapes of things
signifying other things”
Italo Calvino

Time/Movement/Threshold represent the search for a visual poetics and the experiencing of composing structures with which the artist embodies self-exploration and relates to life complexities of contemporary society. Starting from the “Verifiche” by Ugo Mulas who has exhausted all technical aspects at the base of photography, Donato delves into more daring grounds in keeping with his own nature: those of perception. And he develops them. So it is from his indipendent way of taking photos that thoughts, artistic actions and projects develop like that of “La Città”, an exhibition held in Milan together with the works of Luigi Ghirri, Franco Fontana, Luigi Albertini and others, gathered by the gallery owner Lanfranco Colombo. Even now experimenting in Fabio Donato’s photographic language tells the circular nature of becoming, the thresholds, the before and the after. As in the Madrid shots of 2007 where he makes the same circular nature of life alive and present in a single image. Yet his photography is also made up of conveyed emotions and abstract thought.
According to Vincenzo Trione “Fabio Donato photography is not a narrative art but rather a deeply poetic language endowed with a vivid evoking power”.

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