Irene Manco – President

“Papaveri e Farfalle – Arti in Sinergia”
It is the non-profit cultural association that since 2001 has been promoting the recognition of the picture as a common good of the community through the enhancement of photographic archives, as social instruments to embrace training, information, study and research of culture. The Association takes care of the management, certification and dissemination of the work of the artist Fabio Donato. As a representative of one of the historical italian photographers, the association supports and enhances the over 400,000 shots that characterize the research path followed in fifty years of his artistic activity. The association develops its own programs helped by the contribution of multimedia communication experts who share the statutory objectives.

Collaborations in website management:

Irene Manco – organizational director
Giovanna Grauso – graphic designer
Leonardo Di Roberto – web designer

We also thank Barbara Angelini and Stella Donato

Fabio Donato Fotografo

It is a project in progress curated and implemented by the “Papaveri e Farfalle Arti in Sinergia” Association under the supervision of Master Fabio Donato. The web gallery shows the essential lines of the artistic work and can be used by students, art historians, curators, gallery owners, journalists, directors and all those who master the current social, cultural and technological transition of the photographic picture. The site will be constantly updated, the information available is therefore subject to change. The site and its contents are non-commercial and may only be used for intellectual purposes. Unauthorized reproduction of images and content is strictly prohibited. To secure that Fabio Donato’s work can help educate and inform on the art of photography, the association is committed to promoting quality reproductions with publishers and making his work accessible to the public and students around the world.


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